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Type of Information BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NL YK NT NU
Policy/Law 1-bc 1-ab 1-sk 1-mb 1-on 1-qc 1-nb 1-ns 1-pe 1-nl 1-yk 1-nt 1-nu
Personal Information (PI) / Personal Health Information (PHI) 2-bc 2-ab 2-sk 2-mb 2-on 2-qc 2-nb 2-ns 2-pe 2-nl 2-yk 2-nt 2-nu
Reference to De-identified PI / PHI 3-bc 3-ab 3-sk 3-mb 3-on 3-qc 3-nb 3-ns 3-pe 3-nl 3-yk 3-nt 3-nu
De-identified / Pseudonymous Data Defined 4-bc 4-ab 4-sk 4-mb 4-on 4-qc 4-nb 4-ns 4-pe 4-nl 4-yk 4-nt 4-nu
PI / PHI Access for Research Secondary Use Permitted 5-bc 5-ab 5-sk 5-mb 5-on 5-qc 5-nb 5-ns 5-pe 5-nl 5-yk 5-nt 5-nu
Provides Information Specifically for "Research Data Centre" 6-bc 6-ab 6-sk 6-mb 6-on 6-qc 6-nb 6-ns 6-pe 6-nl 6-yk 6-nt 6-nu
Role of Research Data "Holder" Defined 7-bc 7-ab 7-sk 7-mb 7-on 7-qc 7-nb 7-ns 7-pe 7-nl 7-yk 7-nt 7-nu
Reference to Data Transfer Outside of the Province 8-bc ab 8-sk mb 8-on 8-qc 8-nb 8-ns 8-pe 8-nl 8-yk 8-nt 8-nu
Consent Requirement 9-bc 9-ab 9-sk 9-mb 9-on 9-qc 9-nb 9-ns 9-pe 9-nl 9-yk 9-nt 9-nu
Consent Required for Transfer Outside of Province 10-bc 10-ab 10-sk 10-mb 10-on 10-qc 10-nb 10-ns 10-pe 10-nl 10-yk 10-nt 10-nu
Agreement Directives 11-bc 11-ab 11-sk 11-mb 11-on 11-qc 11-nb 11-ns 11-pe 11-nl 11-yk 11-nt 11-nu
Ministerial Discretion to Disclose 12-bc 12-ab 12-sk 12-mb 12-on 12-qc 12-nb 12-ns 12-pe 12-nl 12-yk 12-nt 12-nu
Research Ethics Review Directive 13-bc 13-ab 13-sk 13-mb 13-on 13-qc 13-nb 13-ns 13-pe 13-nl 13-yk 13-nt 13-nu
Additional Regulation Directives 14-bc 14-ab 14-sk 14-mb 14-on 14-qc 14-nb 14-ns 14-pe 14-nl 14-yk 14-nt 14-nu
Other Specific Directives 15-bc 15-ab 15-sk 15-mb 15-on 15-qc 15-nb 15-ns 15-pe 15-nl 15-yk 15-nt 15-nu
Policy Interpretation in Legislation or Regulations 16-bc 16-ab 16-sk 16-mb 16-on 16-qc 16-nb 16-ns 16-pe 16-nl 16-yk 16-nt 16-nu
Reference to Unique Medical Number 17-bc 17-ab 17-sk 17-mb 17-on 17-qc 17-nb 17-ns 17-pe 17-nl 17-yk 17-nt 17-nu
Reference to Data Linking/Matching for Research 18-bc 18-ab 18-sk 18-mb 18-on 18-qc 18-nb 18-ns 18-pe 18-nl 18-yk 18-nt 18-yk