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Interested in health data? HDRN Canada’s Public Advisory Council is recruiting!

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HDRN Canada is seeking new members for its Public Advisory Council, a volunteer body that advises the network on matters of public interest related to health data.

Community engagement in decisions about health data is essential to earning public trust and creating robust health systems, said Bill Pratt, chair of the 15-person council. “Members of the public play an essential role in informing the work of HDRN Canada and through the PAC, we’re striving to increase public influence on health data systems across the country.” HDRN Canada is guided in this work by its strategic goal of ensuring purposeful and ongoing public and community involvement, Pratt continued. “Without input from the people who are impacted by the gathering, sharing and use of health data, we can’t possibly create effective, sustainable and equitable health care systems,” he added.

Members of the public play an essential role in informing the work of HDRN Canada and through the PAC, we’re striving to increase public influence on health data systems across the country. ~ Bill Pratt, PAC Chair

Following HDRN Canada’s strategic goal of strengthening data use to improve equity, the Public Advisory Council is committed to principles of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility in the recruitment process. According to Pratt, the PAC has a mandate to include at least two Indigenous members and three members with French as a first language. “We are currently inviting new members of all ages, gender identities, occupations, cultures and lived experiences to apply for a three-year term.

The PAC meets at least five times a year with most meetings conducted virtually, in English and French. “We also meet once a year in-person, which helps us get to know each other a bit better and share ideas in a relaxed, informal setting,” said Pratt. “PAC members are also invited to attend and participate in HDRN Canada’s annual public forum, Health Data for All of Us, which is a great way to learn about emergent and burning issues in the health data landscape.”

General responsibilities of PAC members include consulting on how HDRN Canada can best communicate about health data with the public, and advising on the network’s short-, medium- and long-term priorities. “Council members also identify and discuss new kinds of data, especially patient-generated data, that some or all data collectors and holders within HDRN Canada might consider collecting or prioritizing,” Pratt noted.

Members of the PAC receive an honorarium for participating in meetings, reviewing materials, and liaising with various communities and organizations. For more information on compensation, membership and other details, check out the PAC Terms of Reference and recruitment call.

To apply to become a member of HDRN Canada’s Public Advisory Council, complete this form by July 26, 2024. If you have questions or would like to submit your application in a different format (e.g., video or MS word form), please email Jannath Naveed at jannath.naveed@hdrn.ca.

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