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HDRN Canada’s strategic plan articulates a vision for the future of multi-regional data use to improve health and health equity, outlining a collective path toward implementation through five strategic goals. Developed in an extraordinary time of global pandemic, this plan highlights challenges and opportunities related to data and multi-regional research that are now top of mind for policy-makers, communities and members of the public. The need for data to support health and health equity is now far more apparent and pressing. The gaps in our current systems are equally obvious, including not having data that could help identify and address inequities, and not having structures in place to support community involvement in data use and to achieve Indigenous data sovereignty.

HDRN Canada Strategic Plan

The strategic plan is a result of significant consultation with HDRN Canada’s internal and external stakeholders, including Member Organizations, working groups, advisory committees, partner organizations and Ministries of Health, with guidance and direction from the Leads Team, Executive Committee, Public Advisory Council and Board of Directors.


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Strategic Goals

Five strategic goals and two success factors are all interconnected and equally important to achieving our mission and realizing our vision.


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