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Health Data for All of Us: Earning Trust through Transparency

A headshot of keynote speaker Dr. Antoine Boivin, a smiling white man with dark hair and glasses. significant visuals. Text reads: Health data for all of us. Sharing trust through transparency. April 23, 2024. Montreal and online. Logo for Health Data Research Network Canada is at bottom left.


Health Data for All of Us: Earning Trust Through Transparency is HDRN Canada’s annual public forum that explores a range of topics related to health data access and use in Canada. The agenda features a stellar lineup of speakers, including health data researchers, data equity advocates and patient partners committed to building trust among the public in the access, use and sharing of health data. The one-day forum is a hybrid event taking place in person at Le Westin Montreal and online. Tickets are limited so get yours today!

Upcoming Events

Images of Aline Talhouk, Carrie-Anne Whyte, Jennifer Brooks and Jodi Gatley. Text reads: Accessing Data through DASH: CanPath & HDRN Canada Partnership. HDRN Canada logo at bottom.

Maureen Kelly, a white woman with brown hair and glasses. Dr. Ted McDonald, a white man with grey hair and glasses. Charles Victor, a white man with short dark hair. Text reads: Federated Analysis: Trusted/Secure Environments. Health Data Research Network Canada logo at top.

Dr. Annette Braunack-Mayer, a white woman with short white hair. Julia Burt, and white woman with long blond hair. Text reads: Community Attitudes on Using Health Data in Research in Canada & Australia. Tuesday June 18. HDRN Canada logo at top.

No significant visuals. Text reads: Federated analysis. State of the Science collective learning series. Possibilities, Uncertainty & the Future of Federation. Logo for HDRN Canada in white on a dark blue background is at top left.